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November 2017
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It's Happy Honda Days at Community!
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The holiday season has arrived and we're showing appreciation for our loyal Community family by offering the best selection and prices! Get 0.9% APR for 60 months on all new 2017 Honda Civic Sedans and Coupes during Happy Honda Days!

This Month's Brain Teaser!
A traveler who stopped to rest under a nut tree noticed a huge pumpkin growing on a thin vine nearby.

"How foolish are the ways of nature," the traveler muttered. "If things were as they should be, this big, strong tree would hold the large pumpkins, and the spindly vine would hold the small nuts. Now if I made the world, that is how I'd have done it!" If indeed, he had "made the world", what flaw could there be with such a logical arrangement: big, strong trees growing big heavy crops, and small vines, small crops?

To see the answer, click on “Full Story”!


Vehicle Review: 2018 Honda Accord

With consumer hunger for crossovers increasing by the day, it may be easy to write off the launch of a new midsize sedan as no big deal. When the new midsize sedan is a Honda Accord, however, it's still very much a big deal.

This quiz can be a lot of fun with the family on Thanksgiving Day while you’re waiting for that turkey to be ready! Give it a try!
Answers can be found by clicking “full story”!

1. A spooked turkey can run

A. 50 miles an hour
B. 5 miles an hour
C. 20 miles an hour
D. 60 miles an hour

2. What utensils did the pilgrims eat with at the first thanksgiving?

A. They were proper Englishmen. They had all the basic utensils.
B. Their hands
C. A spoon and knife
D. A fork
E. B and C
F. C and D

3. According to popular legend, where did the male "tom" turkey get its name?

A. The popular Tom and Jerry Show.
B. Benjamin Franklin named it after Thomas Jefferson when he would not allow it to be the national bird.
C. A tom cat. Wild turkeys were just like wild cats back then. They would roam around and get into fights all the time.

4. What foods were served at the first thanksgiving?

A. Deer
B. Codfish
C. Bread
D. Milk
E. Boiled pumpkin
F. Pastries
G. A, B, and E
H. A, C, D, and F

5. What Indian tribe was invited to spend thanksgiving with the pilgrims?

A. Sioux
B. Wampanoag
C. Red Sox
D. Comanche

6. How many degrees can a turkey see with its eyes?

A. 360 degrees
B. 100 degrees
C. 270 degrees
D. 90 degrees

7. What is a baby turkey called?

A. A chick
B. A squab
C. A poult
D. A goblet

8. What was the name of the Indian chief that helped the pilgrims survive the winter?

A. Massasoit
B. Geronimo
C. Washakie
D. Sitting Bull

9. How can a turkey drown when it's raining?

A. By looking up.
B. By getting its beak stuck in the mud.
C. By hiding it's head between its legs.

10. What vegetable did the pilgrims have available for thanksgiving but did not use because they thought it was poisonous?

A. Beans
B. Pumpkin
C. Tomatoes
D. Potatoes
E. Cauliflower

11. Who was the first president to pardon a turkey from thanksgiving dinner?

A. Truman
B. Jefferson
C. Clinton
E. Lincoln

12. What percentage of pilgrims who sailed on the mayflower survived to celebrate thanksgiving?

B. 100%
C. 20%
D. 75%

13. Do turkeys have heart attacks?

A. Yes
B. No

14. Which gender of turkey says "gobble, gobble"?

A. The female, when she is eating.
B. They both do!
C. The male, but only seasonally and when going to sleep.

15. What does cornucopia mean?

A. Horn of plenty.
B. The goddesses' blessings.
C. May your table always be full and your friends many.

16. Who was the first astronaut to eat a turkey dinner on the moon?

A. Tom Hanks
B. Neil Armstrong
C. James Lovell, Jr.

17. Who was the first president to make thanksgiving a national holiday?

A. Truman
B. Lincoln
C. Jefferson
D. Roosevelt

18. How high must a cranberry bounce before it is harvested?

A. 12 inches
B. 8 inches
C. 36 inches
D. 4 inches

19. The original thanksgiving lasted how long?

A. 2 months
B. 14 days
C. 7 days
D. 3 days

20. Plymouth Rock is how big today?

A. The size of Manhattan
B. The size of a car engine.
C. The size of Carnegie Hall.
D. The size of a peanut.
E. The size of New York Block.


Vehicle Details: 2017 Honda CR-V Design
Honda’s crossover SUV flaunts an appealing new look

Versatile in function and appearance, the well-rounded Honda CR-V aims to please even the pickiest families. The five-seater boasts an appearance that’s widely attractive, suitable for in-town commutes and family road trips through the country.

Vehicle Profile: 2017 Honda Civic Si Sedan
The good-looking, well-equipped & well-behaved 2017 Honda Civic Si Sedan

Although its hot hatch sibling, the Honda Civic Type R, has now taken the spotlight since debuting in North America, in no way has the Civic Si Sedan abandoned any of the performance, style and amenities that earned its popularity.

5 Vitamin D Rich Foods to Give You a Boost This Winter
Increase your Vitamin D intake with these super foods

When the winter months roll in, the days inevitably begin to shorten. With shorter days, there is less time to soak up the much-needed Vitamin D from the sunlight hours.

Best Board Games for Large Groups
Coordinate an epic game night with these large-group board games

The philosophy of “the more the merrier” plays exceptionally well when it comes to board games. Numerous people included in a game means a greater level of competition and enjoyment.

4 Places to Eat Thanksgiving Dinner on the Texas Gulf Coast
Enjoy Thanksgiving in your own unique way at these Gulf Coast destinations

Thanksgiving is a very special time of the year throughout the Texas Gulf Coast. Residents in this area of the Lone Star State give thanks throughout the year for the region’s beautiful environment, as well as fellow community members, who are there for one another in even the most trying of times.

Community Honda Collection Point for Share Your Holidays Food Drive
Community Honda, in conjunction with their affiliation with the Greater Houston Honda Dealers, will serve as a collection point for the ABC-13 Share Your Holidays Food Drive.

It's that time of year again, a time to help make the holiday season a little brighter for those less fortunate. Many of our neighbors are living at or below the poverty line, while rising food and gas prices are forcing them to choose between things like feeding their children or paying rent. And thousands of individuals and families are finding themselves in need.

Giving to the ABC-13 Share Your Holidays Food Drive illustrates how caring people make a difference by working together to help neighbors. Your donations and financial contributions help the Houston Food Bank warm the holiday season for our neighbors most in need. It is important to note that, while the Houston Food Bank is the primary beneficiary, all food gathered in outlying areas such as Baytown will be delivered to local food pantries or food banks.

To make sure that your donation provides the most nutritious food possible, the Houston Food Bank's Nutrition Services Department recommends that you apply these guidelines:

  • Use the Food Pyramid to select nutritious, nonperishable foods. These items are most useful to member agencies in meeting the nutritional needs of their clients.
  • Choose from a variety of food groups to create balanced meals. Go easy on the fat, salt and sugar.
  • For the safety of those served, HFB does not accept opened items, items with expired dates, and homemade items. Financial gifts are also very much appreciated, as they allow HFB to balance the nutritional mix of foods in our warehouse.


Car Care: Take Care of Your Car for the Holidays
Ready your car for holiday travel with these maintenance tips

With everything you have to do and everywhere you want to go during the holidays, you need a vehicle you can trust.

Baytown Christmas Parade December 7
The City of Baytown will hold the annual Baytown Christmas Parade on Thursday, December 7 at 6:30pm.

Traditionally the parade will include over 200 entries including floats, local businesses, high school bands, and of course, Santa Claus!  The parade will follow its traditional route on Market Street and Texas Avenue.

Local residents should be aware that on the day of the parade, the following streets will be closed at 5:00pm:

  • Intersection of Decker Dr./Market St./Texas Avenue
  • Lee Drive @ Market Street
  • Carnegie @ Market Street
  • M.L.K. (Stadium Drive) @ Market Street
  • J.B. LeFevre @ Market (vehicles will be re-routed down Airhart)
  • Texas Avenue   
  • DeFee Avenue @ Pruett Street

In addition, at 5:00pm Market Street will become a “one way” street (northeast-bound).  All parade entrants must enter Market from West Main at Market (near the Baytown Community Center) and proceed to their parade spot.  Any entrants coming in from 146/J.B. LeFevre will be directed down Airhart to enter the parade lineup from the end. 

Come on out, bring the family, and welcome the Christmas season!


Baytown Little Theater Presents “A Christmas Story”
The Baytown Little Theater will present the holiday classic “A Christmas Story” by Jean Sheperd, Leigh Brown, and Bob Clark and directed by Patti Meiners.

A young boy named Ralphie Parker only wants one thing for Christmas: a Red Ryder BB gun. However, he is not sure he will ever make it to Christmas, between his brother Randy and the school bully Scut Farkus. Whenever he tells someone how much he wants it, he/she tells him that he will shoot his eye out and refuses to get it for him. Even a department store Santa Claus tells him the same thing. After Ralphie gets a C+, he gets teased again by Scut. In response, Ralphie beats him very badly while cursing loudly. However, his parents do not get mad at him, and on Christmas morning, he gets the BB gun, since his father had one at that age. When he goes to try it out, the bullet ricochets and knocks off his glasses, which he accidentally steps upon while looking for them. He makes up a story about an icicle, and his parents believe him. In the end, a horde of dogs come in and steal the Christmas turkey, so his family goes out for Chinese turkey which is really duck.


10 Fun Facts about Football
Learn more about America’s favorite sport

Football is the pride and joy of American sports. People gather to watch the games and find sportsmanship and comradely within their teams’ fans.

Most-Wanted Holiday Gifts of 2017
Tiny monkey may be biggest in-demand toy for 2017

Every year one gift stands out from the crowded marketplace and lands on every kid’s wish list.

Alternatives to Roasting Your Thanksgiving Turkey
Break with tradition for turkey day meal prep

Even if you favor sweet potato casserole sprinkled with miniature marshmallows, the true star of a Thanksgiving meal is the turkey.

Community Toyota Local Collection Point for Toys for Tots
Community Toyota will continue this year as one of the collection points for U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program.

The U. S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program is directed by the Commander, Marine Forces Reserve, with the assistance of his staff, from the Marine Forces Reserve Headquarters in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charity, is the authorized fundraising and support organization for the Toys for Tots Program.  The Foundation provides the funding and support needed for successful annual toy collection and distribution campaigns.  The Foundation staff is headquartered in the Cooper Center located just outside the main gate of Marine Corps Base, Quantico, Virginia, about 35 miles south of Washington, DC.

Local campaigns are conducted annually in approximately 500 communities covering all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.  The Commander, Marine Forces Reserve has under his command 280 Marine Reserve Units located at 184 Marine Reserve Centers and seven Marine Corps Bases/Air Stations covering 46 states.  To cover all 50 states and more communities in each state, the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation selects Marine Corps League Detachments and Local Community Organizations (generally veteran Marines) located in communities without a Marine Reserve Center, to conduct Toys for Tots campaigns as part of the overall U. S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program.


Thanksgiving Survey
What is your favorite traditional Thanksgiving food?



Green Bean Casserole


Pumpkin Pie


What is your LEAST favorite?



Green Bean Casserole

Giblet Gravy



If you could serve a non-traditional main course at Thanksgiving, what would it be?





Hot Dogs


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